Baron Maurice de Hirsch

Baron Maurice de Hirsch


1831-1896, was a German Jewish financier and philanthropist in England. After his son's death he organized  the Jewish Colonization Association thru which many Jews were emigrated to North and South America from Russia. This feat reflected his words " I have lost my son, but not my heir; my heir is humanity. The Baron assisted Queen Victoria and the Royal Family amass a vast fortune by providing inside information for profit. In our world, the Queen might have been Martha Stewart's "roomie" in the Federal Penitentiary.  This Purdey (14069) 20 bore hammer gun with Sir Whitworth steel barrels was made as No. 1 of a pair in 1891 for Baron de Hirsch. This has been recently verified by Donald Dallas on pages 202 and 204 in his latest Purdey book, again an important part of Purdey history. As many contemporaries, the Baron was a frequent customer at Purdeys.


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