Boss & Co  RA 12

Boss & Co #4806 Circa 1902

Early Side lock Ejector 12 bore with a round action and single selective trigger and best Joseph Brazier locks. The trigger is of  the J Robertson improved patent type patent no. 22894 of the 26th November 1894 with the right lock-plate selector switch. It has gold inlaid cocking indicators and best bouquet and scroll engraving. As all Boss's that were well cared for, this gun remains original, except for some aesthetic considerations, and  is as tight as new. The 28 inch Whitworth-steel nitro chopper lump barrels with plain concave rib retain all of its renewed London blackening and measure R/L bores;.732/.738; chokes, .003 on both and walls .023/.020 (typical Boss walls). The straight English stock measures in inches 14 x 1 7/16 x 2 1/4 x 3/8 cast off to a horn butt plate. The makers have kindly confirmed that the gun was completed in August 1902 as the no.2 0f a pair, matched to gun no. 4695. Weight is 6-7. A fine example of a best gun by the most desirable maker. Cased in its  leather case with label and some accessories.


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