H.J. Hussey

H.J. Hussey

Almost perfect "Best Gun" Side lock with selective ejectors and great condition. Barrels measure; bores RT/LT, .729/.732,chokes .003/.025, minimum walls .026/.024'. Straight English high quality stock measures 14 1/4 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/4 x 0 cast to a leather covered pad. All cased with original named accessories. Now, in the the name of full disclosure, the only non original issue to this beautiful gun is that it was made by the makers as a left eye dominant shooter. the last photo shows how the stock and top tang and trigger guard aligns the barrels towards the left eye. However the stock measurements reveal a very straight and shootable  high quality gun for a right or left hand shooter. Thanks to the  Stock Doc, David Trevallion. This drawn out description reflects the price needed  to sell this gun


James Purdey & Sons #25923

Excellent and almost new Purdey single non selective trigger, self-opening  sidelock ejector light game gun with two sets of barrels. First 26 inch barrel measure...


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