Westley Richards

This very fine pair of “Best Quality” guns was made at the time when noted gun makers A. A Brown & Son were working in Bournbrook, adjoining a part of the Westley Richards factory, and were building all of Westley Richards...


James Purdey & Sons #12978

As new 16 bore side lock with ejectors and assisted opening Beasley action. Newly refurbished 29 inch barrels by Johnsons with 2 5/8 chambers measure...



 H. J. Hussey

A fine  High grade side lock 12 bore with auto ejectors and 2 i/2inch chambers. 28 inch Chopper lump barrelsAre in excellent original condition as is the whole gun with most of its original case color. All cased in a non original canvas case with a spurious makers label. All accessories ; oil bottle, snap caps, and turn screw are named and correct.

Boss & Co. #7482

"Best" opening assisted side-lock ejector gun with  most of it's original finish, case and accessories...



James Purdey & Sons  #23410

Almost new 12 bore "Pigeon "assisted opening side-lock with ejectors. 30 inch chopper-lump barrels have side clips, 2 3/4 inch chambers and measure...


Boss & Co. #9304

20 bore side lock with ejectors and assisted opener. 26 inch barrels 2 3/4 inch chambers, wide hand filed flat rib and measure...



 James Purdey& Sons # 12978 ca. early 1888

 High condition box lock with rare selective automatic ejectors, invented and patented by William Anson.

The Frederick C. Scales Gun #H22269

12 bore side lock with ejectors. Beautifully carved by Harry Kell, as documented by Ken Hunt his student, with large scroll, ten gold inlays and fully engraved fore end iron...


Westley Richards #17131

A fine 12 bore Deluxe Gold Name single selective trigger hand detachable scalloped boxlock ejector gun. The 30 inch 2 1/2 chambered barrels...


Holland and Holland 308

A fine Mauser  bolt-magazine rifle reported by previous owner to have been made by Holland and Holland. The barrel is 16 9/16 inches with gold...


James Purdey & Sons #24330

manufactured in 1934 for Raja Pancham Singh, 400x3" side lock self opener with ejectors. The Whitworth steel barrels are 25 1/2 inches with ramp beaded...


Boss & Co #4806

Early Side lock Ejector 12 bore with a round action and single selective trigger and best Joseph Brazier locks. The trigger is of  the J Robertson improved patent type patent no...


Webley & Scott  #14036

Mod 700 20 bore box lock with ejectors imported by and made for Griffen & Howe of New York. Probably made in the 70's. Condition is as new in the case with its accessories and extra set of barrels


Charles Boswell #18066

12 bore  box lock Pigeon gun with ejectors. Boswell, as you  may know, was best known for his Pigeon guns, made in all sizes but always the best quality. This gun has 26...


Stephan Grant # 7941 

Sidelock with ejectors.12 Bore, 2 1/2 " Chambers, 30 "  Barrels. Best Quality high condition gun cased with most accessories.


Webley & Scott #137464

 Mod 728 28 bore boxlock with ejectors and semi-beaver tail fore arm. 26 " barrels with raised flat filed rib measures R/L bores .550/.550; chokes...


William Cashmore  #17466

16 bore box lock with ejectors. 27 1/2 inch barrels with plane game rib and 2 3/4 chambers measure bores R/L  .662/.665; chokes ...


Linsley Brothers #2208

High grade boxlock ejector gun with 28 inch nitro barrels, rib engraved ' LINSLEY BROTHERS. MAKERS. LEEDS.' 12 bore, 2 1/2 inch chambers...


William Powell & Sons #9493 

Number 1 of a pair of best English sidelocks with double triggers, auto ejectors and third fastener. The 30 inch Whitworth steel barrels have 2 1/2 inch chambers ...


W.W. Greener # 68708

Auto ejector boxlock heavy game/ Pigeon gun built on the Facile Princeps action with F-75 engraving. However the engraving is the only aspect of this gun that is F-75...


Army & Navy CSL #38883

The 27 inch barrels are recently reproofed to 3 inch chambers and choked true cylinder in both barrels. Action is border and scroll engraved and still retain...


George Gibbs #B6225

28 bore boxlock non-ejector  with two triggers. The 26 inch barrels with plain game rib and 2 1/2 inch chambers measure R/L  bores .545/545, chokes .012/.018. 


Cogswell & Harrison #12487

12 bore Rounded boxlock action with extractor. 30 inch barrels with game rib measuring rt/lt; bores .713/.729, chokes .001/.035, walls .035/.028.


Charles Boswell #146830

Deluxe scalloped Boxlock with ejectors. Stock measures14 3/8 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/4 x 1/4 cast off to English leather covered pad. 26 inch barrels measure R/L bores.615/.615


W & C Scott Pair #146612-3

12 bore best quality ejector box locks with ornamental side plates. Barrels are 28 inches with 2 3/4 inch chambers with engraved breech wedges and game ribs...


John Wilkes   #10109

20 bore box lock with ejectors. Barrels are 25" with 2 1/2 inch chambers, 7/8 oz proof and plain game rib. R/L bores .623/.621; chokes cyl/.026; walls...


Westley Richards #18767

12 bore hand-detachable side lock ejector heavy game/Pigeon gun. Made as no. 1 gun of a pair with its original single oak and leather single gun case and all accessories


W.W. Greener #68306

12 Bore Grade FH 70 with ejectors. This well engraved action retains most of its original case color other than the bottom where carried. The 28 inch barrels with...


W. C. Scott #147043

"The Kinmount" 12 bore box-lock ejector gun with 98% original condition. The border engraved action retains virtually all its colour-hardening shows little sign of any use.


W&C. Scott SxS #103044

20 Bore 2 1/2 inch chambers. Model "Monte Carlo B". One of the only 151 ever made by Scott. A petite sidelock with ejectors and rare factory single selective trigger.


William Powell #H16069

Hand detachable boxlock   20 Bore.  2 3/4 inch.  26 inch BBLS bores.627/.627; chokes .004/.012; walls .029/.027. Barrels originally proofed at .625.


Clabrough & Johnstone  #14134

12 bore sidelock extractor gun with 30inch 2 3/4 chamber, flat matted rib and measuring; rt/lt bores .729/.724, chokes .012/.012, walls .032/.029.


Thomas Bland #18454

12 bore boxlock ejector with double Purdey underbite and hidden third fastener. Barrels are 30 inches and have 2 3/4 inch chambers and measure R/L bores