Charles Boswell  Pigeon 

Charles Boswell #18066 Circa 1946

Best quality 12 bore  box lock Pigeon gun with ejectors. Boswell, as you  may know, was best known for his Pigeon guns, made in all sizes but always the best quality. This gun has 26 1/2 inch chopper lump barrels with a matt rib, side clips, third fastener, original 2 3/4 inch chambers proofed for  1 1/4 oz and name and address in gold. These measure R/L bores  .729/.729; chokes  .008/.034 and walls .033/.034. The contrasting grain walnut straight English stock measures 13 1/4 x 1 3/4 x 2 1/2 x 1/4 to a checkered butt. This gun was obviously made for a small shooter but the stock can be extended (ebony, walnut or leather pad) to a maximum of 14 7/8 and still be fitted in its original case with some modifications to the case. As the gun is still factory original, any of these alterations, if needed at all, will not be made without the input of the new owner. The action is most exquisitely engraved with rose and scroll and some gold accents as shown by the photos. A London best gun retaining all of its originality.

Value: $7,500