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Eurpopean Gun Manchester NH

Sempert & Krieghoff #9570

16 bore sidelock with ejectors and side clips. Full medium scroll engraving and banner on locks with manufacturer's name. 29 1/2 "barrels with 2 5/8"


P. Beretta ser. #CO9469B

12 bore SO3 EELL in almost new condition. 28" Boehler steel barrels measure; bores O/U   .724/.726, chokes ,038/.022


J P Sauer #284467

20 bore boxlock non-ejector in excellent shape. This top German maker gun sports a typical gun sling with an original West German braided leather sling. Perfect European gun to complete your collection.


Puccinelli-Famars #29304

2 BBL Set.  SBS.  Sidelock with ejectors. 20 Bore.  26 and 28 inch BBLS. 28 inch barrels are; minimum walls R and L- .034 and .032, bores- .625 on both and chokes...


T W Stake #673

12 bore Belgium box lock without ejectors. Adequately recondition for use in the field. 24 inch barrels measure RT/LT Bores .719/.723; chokes


Merkel #75723

Date 8/70  Model 303E 20 bore SLE  with 2 sets of Barrels. Both have 2 3/4 inch chambers and a vented rib. The first being 26 " and measuring, O/U  bores .621/.620; chokes


Merkel #150744

Model 201E  20 bore boxlock with ejectors and scroll and game scene engraving. The 26 inch barrels with vent rib measure O/U  bores .628/.628; chokes...


Fortuna Suhl #715169

Model 47SL Side lock 12 bore with ejectors and scroll engraving. The 28 inch barrels with raised matted rib measure R/L bores .724/.724; chokes...


Merkel #79960

Model 211E   Box lock combination gun/rifle with ejectors 12/30-06 with scroll and game scene engraving. The 25 1/2 inch barrels with sighted raised rib measure bore


Merkel  #83544

Model 200E  12 bore box lock with ejectors and case colors. The 28 1/2 " barrels with vent rib measure O/U bores .719/.719; chokes .037/.022. Double triggers...


Merkel  #725840

Model 147SL  12 bore sidelock with ejectors and scroll and game scene engraved. The 28 inch barrels with raised matt rib measure R/L  bores ...


Merkel  #90241

Model 203E  12 bore Side lock with ejectors with full scroll engraving. The 28" barrels with vent rib measures O/U  bores .724/.724; chokes.040/.027. Double triggers...


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