Fly Fishing Gear 


                                             S. E. Bogdan->

of Nashua, New Hampshire manufacturer of the "World's Best Reel" as mentioned on the right. The "0" model above "Grilse Model" is quite smaller than most but easily balanced with lighter tackle.  Makes a Grlise feel like a 30 Pounder'


John Dickson & Sons

9' Grilse and salmon rod the "Thistle" fly fishing gear in new condition with original cloth bag and ferrule caps. Excellent quality from a famous sports retailer ...


H. L. Leonard "Tournament"

8 ft 2 piece "Tournament" with 2 tips all 4 parts are of equal length and original . Included are the original Hanging tag, cloth tag and rod case. Add this to your fly fishing gear collection today.


J. S. Sharpe

Bamboo rod from Aberdeen Scotland called  "The Scottie" Graceful 2 piece 10 ft impregnated bamboo rod for a 6 weight line with 2 tips and original ... excellent fly fishing gear.



S. E. Bogdan

of Nashua, New Hampshire manufacturer of the world renown Bogdan Salmon Reel. Size 200. Built when Abercrombie & Fitch of ...



H. L. Leonard "CatSkill"

8 ft 4 piece "Catskill" back-packing rod all original and new in its cloth bag, case, and ferrule caps and with hanging tag. This is how you like to buy an antique ...


Thomas "Special"

The highest standard grade rod made by Fred Thomas of Bangor, Maine. 9 1/2 foot, 3 piece with two casting tips and two additional tips with shorter ...


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