The Fred Scales Gun

Fred Scales Gun


Fred Scales worked as a stocker at Purdeys during the first half of the 20th century during a time that some of the best guns ever were made. As all gun makers, at one point in their lives, he wanted a gun with his name on it. This one is Fred's. Having been married to a German girl, Fred's in-laws claimed firearm superiority over the English with their Merkels. Therefore Mr. Scales took this to task to impress the in-laws. And that he did. As the photos show, some features show Germanic influence especially the cheek piece on the stock and the definite influence, almost Gothic, in Harry Kell's engraving. This gun has been the subject of an article, Made To Impress, by Geoffrey Boothroyd in the Shooting Times and Country Magazine (March 15-21 1990). It was also the subject of two articles in the Shooting Sportsman May/June and July/ August 2007. and the last chapter XIII of Vic Venter's new book Gun Craft