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James Purdey & Sons 

James Purdey & Sons 
Most of these accessories are from the New York store  after its closure. All are priced at the liquidation value. Limited supply.
   Antique Accessories
Various reloading tools from bullet molds, 
powder measures and horns, shot measures and horns, cappers and decappers, crimpers to multi- function reloaders. Gun case accessories. Please contact us for more information and photos.
Many items are named and attributed to a maker. these will  most probably go first.


Gun case accessories

Assorted snap caps, oil tanks, chamber brushes, firing pin bushing keys, turn screws, cleaning rods and labels both trade and detail cards for different makers and bores. All the finest gun accessories to complete your collection.

Mostly Purdey, Holland & Holland and Boss

and some rare odd

Factory originals

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