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Theophilus Richards Birmingham

Double barrel flintlock carriage pistol, made By Theophilus Richards a quality English Gun maker located at the “Royal Patent Waterproof Gun Manufactory”...


Holland & Holland  #11106

10 bore Hammer gun with rebounding back locks.  34 inch Damascus barrels with 3 1/4 inch chambers and London nitro reproof ...


James Purdey & Sons #6570 

completed in October 1863 for a Dr Ludin. Included in the original case with a keyfob made with a piece of ivory and a faded inscription ...


John Dickson & Sons #3795/3796 

Exceptional pair of unfired muzzle loading double barrel rifles built in 1883 for eccentric Scottish collector Charles Gordon. Two of over 300 different firearms ordered by Gordon...


James Purdey & Sons #8464

12 bore hammer gun with island back rebounding lock action and Jones' rotary under lever. 30 inch Damascus barrels measure- chambers ...


Alex Henry #5039

10 bore bar lock top lever hammer gun with much original condition. The barrels are 31 inches and measure R/L bores .787/.815 chokes ...


H. Holland  #2054

12 bore non-rebounding back action hammer gun built by Harris Holland during Holland & Holland's formative years while he was still a tobacconist in London...


James Purdey & Sons #7928

Thumb-break Hammer gun # 7928 (no. 2 of a pair). Rebounding back action with rare patented cartridge indicators of the patent no. 1464 of 1866 as seen on ...


James Purdey & Sons #7270

First model thumb-hole action 12 bore hammer-gun with non rebounding pinfire-style hammers and retractable firing pins of patent no. 424 of 1865


William Smith #2358

15 bore double barrel flint lock gun. The 29 1/4 inch Damascus barrels have a narrow concave rib and measure R/L bores; .673/.672, chokes...



James Beattie & Co.  #17921

450 BPE 31/4 inch Double Rifle by a very well respected London maker for his rifles. Excellent rebounding back-action locks...



John Blanch & Sons #2384

14 bore double barrel percussion gun  in its oak and brass case with some accessories. The original condition 31 inch Damascus barrels are in pristine unfired condition ...


John Dickson & Sons #4265

A cased 11 bore double barreled percussion sporting gun with 32" Damascus barrels signed "John Dickson & Sons. 63 Princes street. Edinburgh" on the rib. Gordon Collection


James Purdey & Sons #14069

20 bore bar in wood hammer gun with top lever opening. 29 inch Whithworth steel barrels with 2 1/2 inch chambers measure R/L bores .632/.633; chokes...


Isaac Hollis #38566

Hammer double rifle with Jones under lever in 500 BPE 3 1/4 inch case. Barrels are 27 1/2 inches with a solid full length rib and 2 folding and 1 standing rear sight...


John Blanch & Son

A pair of outstanding percussion single shot pistols by a well respected London maker. 65 caliber, overall length is 13 1/2" full octagon barrel is 8 1/4 " inscribed "Blanch London" 


W.W. Greener #25024

for year 1882 back action, rebounding hammers, top lever 12 bore. Barrels are 26 inches 1987 London reproof Damascus with 2 1/2 inch chambers, mirror bores


James Purdey & Sons #15621

16 bore single-barreled top lever hammer gun. 2 1/2 inch chamber, 29 1/2 inch nitro reproved steel barrel; bore .669, .018, wall .035 proof 900BARS in 1995