Henry Atkin  Rare O/U

Henry Atkin #3217

A rare and unique 12 bore Trap/Pigeon over and under sidelock ejector. 30 inch split nitro barrels, ventilated raised filed rib, 2 1/2 inch chambers, bored U .732 and L .732,  choked .038 in both and walls U .022 and L .024 Locks and action are engraved with fine scroll work retaining much original case color and finish. 15 inch highly figured semi-pistolgrip stock with drop at  1 9/16 and 2 and 1/4 inch cast off. Weight is 7lb. 10oz. in its maker's violin shaped case with various accessories. This shotgun was featured in the September/October 1999 issue of the SHOOTING SPORTSMAN on page 49 in John Ian Gregson's article "Mr. Champion's Atkin". The makers have kindly confirmed that the gun was completed in 1936 and ordered for a Mr. Champion. Records also show that this particular gun was the only over and under trap model ever made by Henry Atkin. Other than an improved ejector system, the gun is totally based on the Woodward OU. So much so that a serious conflict ensued between Mr. Woodward and a Mr.Charles Hill. This Mr. Hill, while under Woodward' s employ, had designed  the Woodward OU but afterwards claimed it as his own . An interesting part of English gun development and history.


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