Holland & Holland  10  London NITRO PROOF

Holland & Holland #11106 Circa 1886


10 bore Hammer gun with rebounding back locks.  34 inch Damascus barrels with 3 1/4 inch chambers and London nitro reproof to 1 3/4 oz, measure R/L bores; .782/.784 (originally proofed at 10/1 for .784) chokes; .025/.025, walls .035/.050. Capped pistol gripped stock with long top tang measures 14 1/4 x 1 9/16 x 2 3/8 x 1/4 inches cast off to a red Silvers pad. Total unloaded weight of this massive fowler is 11 lbs.-12.6ozs. This fine gun is in its original leather case with many accessories. 



Included is a personal letter from the

E.C. Powder Company Limited

To an E.C. Palmer Esq. working up a new load post Nitro reproof. This letternwas posted October 1st 1913from W.W. Borland, Managing Director ofnthe E. C. Powder Company of Dartford, Kent. Interesting to note that the powder factory was located "out of town" on Green street- most probably by urgent request from the local gentry.


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