James Purdey  Last gun made by Dr. T at Purdey ' s 

James Purdey & Sons #26865 Circa 1960


Exceptional 20 bore and last gun made by David Trevallion while at Purdey's Audley House address. When David left Purdey for his stretch in the British army and eventually the US, he had not seen his last gun completed until 46 years later in his home and shop in Maine.  Some of the workers at Audley House who contributed to the creation of #26865 are the following.


Actioner...Peter Nelson

Barrel maker...Brian Frost

Ejectors...Peter Finch

Stocker...David Trevallion

Trigger...David Trevallion

Finisher...Peter Chapman

Polisher...Dan O'Brien

Case hardening and blackening...Dan O'Brien

Engraver...Ken Hunt

Regulation...Robert Heath


James Purdey & Sons #25923

Excellent and almost new Purdey single non selective trigger, self-opening  sidelock ejector light game gun with two sets of barrels. First 26 inch barrel measure...


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