James Purdey & Sons  12  Pinfire to Center conversion by Purdey

James Purdey & Sons #6570


 Completed in October 1863 for a Dr Ludin. Included in the original case is a key fobmade with a piece of ivory and a faded inscription - Ludin. Originally built as a pin fire, conversion to center-fire of #6570 was completed by Purdey at some time later. Since Purdey records rarely note these conversions, Purdey historian, David Maynard, verified this one by it's superior quality and same engraving by J Lucas before and after the conversion. 30 inch Damascus barrels measure; bores .733 on both, no chokes and .028 minimum walls on both barrels. Highest quality walnut stock measures 14 1/4 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/16 x 1/4 inches to a checkered butt. Another intriguing concept seen on Purdey 6570 is "Long Guard Lever" lockup similar in appearance and function as the more common rotary under lever but using the complete trigger guard as the under lever. The upper tang with this lock up also is very long.  This superb gun is in excellent condition in its original oak case, label with loading instructions by Purdey, Purdey powder and shot measures and crimping tool, main springclamp cleaning rod and jags. The workers on #6570 were; Jointing- F Mayo, Polishing and Hardening- Abbe Robbins, Engraving- J Lucas, Cocking- G Prentice and Fitting and filing levers to breechloaders- Smith Jnr. A collection in itself.


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