James Purdey  12 bore 1st mod  Thumb-break

James Purdey & Sons #7270 Circa 1866


First model thumb-hole action 12 bore hammer-gun with non rebounding pinfire-style hammers and retractable firing pins of patent no. 424 of 1865. Barrels are 30 inches Damascus with 2 1/2 " chambers and Birmingham nitro reproof in 1963 and still in proof and very shootable. Barrel measurements are Bores R/L .736/.735, chokes .026/.026 and walls .025/.027. Fore end is retained by a cross bolted fore end latch. Stock measures 14 1/16 x 1 9/16 x 2 to a steel butt plate. Identical gun can be seen in Dallas' Purdey book on color plate # 40 and is only 45 guns apart from this gun. The first centre-fire gun built by Purdey was   # 6992 in 1865 just 278 guns from this gun started in same year. Factory records indicate " Centre-fire" as most guns of this day were still pin fire. Gun is #2 of a pair and has a straight hand stock with a silver oval engraved with a crest. A very early, rare and serviceable Purdey.


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