James Purdey  12  BLE?

James Purdey & Sons # 12978 

A Purdey " Box Lock" Is an anomaly or at  least almost unheard of. However Purdey in their attempt to provide a highly finished "Best Gun" for all, did out source barreled actions from the of the gun trade such as Anson & Deeley. Many such hammerless designs were available at this time. William Anson  also got a patent for an ejector  system that is used on this gun. The  30 inch Damascus barrels measure; R/L bores.739 ( 12/1

.740) /.723, chokes .005/.023, walls .025/.024.

London Nitro reproof.  Stock measure; 14 1/4 x 1 9/16 x 2 1/16 x 1/4 off to a checkered Butt.

    This  high condition gun is not presented as the Volkswagen from the Mercedes factory.

But a high condition car and well finished by Mercedes.

$ 9200
anson ejecter-2
anson ejecter-2

anson ejecter-2
anson ejecter-2