James Purdey & Sons  #21446 Circa 1911

As new 16 bore side lock with ejectors and assisted opening Beasley action. Newly refurbished 29 inch barrels by Johnsons with 2 5/8 chambers measure; bores R/L .664/.664; chokes .008/.018 (IC/MOD); walls  .030/.029 on both. New stock and fore end by the Master David Trevallion with the best Tessier walnut measures; 15 1/8 x 1 1/2 x 2 1/8 x 1/8 cast off to a checkered butt. St Leger's case colors on the rare round bar action compliments the as new condition. Being # 2 of an original pair, this beauty has been re-cased in an original Purdey lightweight leather case with the proper Purdey label for the time of the renew as the assorted Purdey accessories; cleaning rod, brush and jags, cartridge extractor, pull through in black pouch, snap caps, turn screws and disc key, original extra pair of strikers in their ivory container, and an oil tank. Weight is 6-5. An excellent alternative to it's new $100,000 replacement for only $45,000.

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