John Dickson & Sons  11 bore  from Gordon collection

John Dickson & Sons #4265 Circa 1889


A cased 11 bore double barreled percussion sporting gun with 32" Damascus barrels signed "John Dickson & Sons. 63 Princes street. Edinburgh" on the rib. Tangs and back actions are border engraved and with fine scroll. The well figured half stock has case-hardened furniture and fire blued trigger-guard and butt plate with upper tang all of which are border engraved and with fine scroll. The original fitted mahogany two tier case is brass bound and contains multiple accessories including a leather covered powder flask, black leather flask, a sealed tin of Joyce percussion caps, a Sykes patent shot belt, an Allport improved circular brass cap dispenser, case-hardened oil bottle and spring clamp and various other turn screws etc all made by Dixon, Bertram and Hawksley. The above retain virtually all their original finish. Again this exceptional gun was part of the famed Gordon collection.

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Value: $25,500