Puccinelli-Famars  20 2bbl set

Puccinelli-Famars #29304


2 BBL Set.  SBS.  Sidelock with ejectors. 20 Bore.  26 and 28 inch BBLS. 28 inch barrels are; minimum walls R and L- .034 and .032, bores- .625 on both and chokes .016 and .022. 26 inch barrels are walls- R .032 and L .033, bores .625 on both and chokes.006 and .009.  Single trigger. Small slender beavertail forepart. Butt stock dimensions are 14 1/4 x 1 7/16 x 1 15/16 x 1/4 cast off. Weight is 6-9.6.  Puccinelli imported this gun into the US as a custom gun under his name. However it is an A&S VENERI grade. All Puccinelli imports were ordered with the best of everything. This is an excellent example in excellent condition.


James Purdey & Sons #25923

Excellent and almost new Purdey single non selective trigger, self-opening  sidelock ejector light game gun with two sets of barrels. First 26 inch barrel measure...


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