The Frederick C. Scales Gun. #H22269

The Frederick C. Scales Gun. circa 1940 

12 bore side lock with ejectors. Beautifully carved by Harry Kell, as documented by Ken Hunt his student, with large scroll, ten gold inlays and fully engraved fore end iron with commemoration to Scales. Photo with the Scales gun is shown as Ken authenticated Kell's unique engraving style. The extent of the engraving is shown in the photo of the internal safety mechanism sporting some fancy scroll work done by Kell only for a close friend. The gun, not a Purdey, has Purdey pattern checkering on fore end with Purdey style "tip" with bridge, barrels stamped JA, Southgate Patent ejectors, Anson patent latch, spring bladed front trigger, Holland patent cross pin, Purdey steel pistol grip cap, Purdey style lock pins, Chilton & Sons locks and H. Alport triggers. Obviously a creation with much Purdey influence but not a Purdey. The complete account of "Who Dunnit?" is treated in two articles by Vic Venters in the May/June and July/August 2007 issues of Shooting Sportsman Magazine and in Vic's latest book GUN CRAFT to which he dedicates chapter XXIII. After "nearly or partly" all is said and done, this magnificent gun tells of a man in a time and place that we often only try to imagine. 

Value: $38,500