W.W.Greener  12 F1 2bbl set

W.W.Greener #46896 for 1898

12 bore, Grade F1 being the lowest of the medium grade guns. A boxlock of  Facile Princeps design, non ejector, double trigger gun with two sets of barrels. First set; 30 inches; bores rt/lt  .735/.736; chokes .041/.040; walls .034/.035. Second set; 28 inches;bores .735/.735; chokes .011/.016; walls .024/.025. The stock is of medium quality wood and has 14 x 1 3/8 x 2 1/2 x 1/4 to ebonite butt plate. Cased in its original canvas and leather case with some accessories. This shotgun is 104 years old and is in absolutely UNFIRED and ORIGINAL condition.


James Purdey & Sons #25923

Excellent and almost new Purdey single non selective trigger, self-opening  sidelock ejector light game gun with two sets of barrels. First 26 inch barrel measure...


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